Waikīkī’s International Market Place has been a Waikīkī landmark for more than 56 years. For nearly four years, Bennet Group worked with the Taubman Centers to prepare for the December 31, 2013 closure and redevelopment of the much-loved market. The rm managed tenant and community relations to avoid and minimize negative response, as well as media relations to minimize coverage and hype surrounding the closing.

When Taubman announced its plans to redevelop the International Market Place into a multi-level, open air shopping center, the company sought to show that the project would be thoughtfully planned, would preserve and share the rich history of the site, and that the end result would be a great benet to Waikīkī. Bennet Group implemented a comprehensive public relations plan that included strategic introductions and meetings with essential community leaders to share Taubman’s vision, message development that showcased the benet to the community created by the project, and a blessing and groundbreaking ceremony for key business and community leaders.

As a result of the team’s public relations work, the closure of International Market Place on December 31, 2014 garnered minimal coverage, and stories that ran were nostalgic, not anti-development. Construction is well underway, and Bennet Group continues to support Taubman throughout the process and will assist with the Spring 2016 Grand Opening.