Proudly celebrating our 20th year serving Hawaii's best companies.

For our 20th anniversary we asked a few of our top clients – all respected, accomplished leaders in Hawaii — to tell us what they liked about working with our team. Their answers left us feeling humbled, incredibly proud and grateful.


Honoring Hawaii and Our Ohana

Discover how we celebrated our 20th anniversary on the slopes of Mauna Kea


Surpassing PR

When it comes to effectively communicating with your audience, the obvious solutions are rarely the most impactful ones. That’s why we push ourselves to employ creativity and innovation in everything we do. The outcome of our process yields compelling stories that can help you to move mountains, engage minds, and exceed ordinary expectations.


A sharp eye on where you’re going, while always honoring where you’re from.

More than communications professionals, we’re proud residents of Hawaii. We live, work and play here, providing us with a personal connection to the land and people, and a keen sense of what moves this population to stand up, to speak, and to act. Together, we can help you achieve all of your business objectives while also playing an authentic and positive role in the future and prosperity of Hawaii.

True partnership goes beyond just listening.

We approach each project by taking a detailed, bird’s eye view of the specific situation, and collaborate with you to identify the most strategic plan of action. Sharing in the process together ensures that we always remain fully responsive to your work’s evolving needs, collectively allowing us to sway attitudes and deliver superior results.