More than making headlines, we’re making a difference.

We believe communications can create positive change — within individuals, within companies, and within entire communities. This belief has led to the highly productive, long-term partnerships with our clients, which are among the top businesses and organizations in the state. We place a premium on teamwork, excellence, creativity and community service. We are proud to know our work is helping to create a stronger, better Hawaii.

We value our clients

We believe in our clients. By taking on those we believe in wholeheartedly, we can dedicate ourselves to helping our clients to accomplish their goals. We listen. By thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs, we provide effective and meaningful solutions. We respect the media, and we admire and appreciate the job they do. By working with them, we create the best and most comprehensive stories for our clients. We rigorously protect client information with utmost confidentiality. We see our clients as not only long-term business partners, but we as long-term friends.

The Environment

Because we live and work on a small island chain where resources are precious and finite, we seek to incorporate good environmental management practices in all that we do. We contribute to the organizations that are helping to protect and preserve Hawaii’s rich and rare environment. Our goal is to help ensure Hawaii’s environment will be protected for the next generation.