COVID Pau | Turning Data into Knowledge 

It is our honor to share with you the launch of COVID Pau, a statewide multi-channel communications initiative designed to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Hawai‘i

Formed by the Hawaiʻi COVID Collaborative, a hui of healthcare, business and nonprofit leaders working together to address unmet needs for public information, COVID Pau offers a daily dashboard with expert interpretations of statewide data to help you make informed daily decisions and a video library of real stories about how the pandemic is affecting Hawaiʻi families. 

With real-time data, analysis videos translating weekly trends and a host of tools to help spread valuable information throughout our communities, COVID Pau empowers us to protect our health, stop the spread of the virus and lay the foundation for statewide recovery. 

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Data creates knowledge. Knowledge creates action. 

Collaborative action creates change.

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