Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline


Hawai‘i has made great strides in the fight against tobacco with fewer than one in seven people identifying as regular smokers. While this progress is promising, there are specific populations in Hawai‘i who disproportionately suffer from the consequences of smoking: Native Hawaiians, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), people with mental health and substance abuse disorders, and people with low incomes. To continue the fight against tobacco, the Department of Health needed a campaign that will promote the use of the Hawaii Tobacco Quitline, increasing the number of calls from each target audience group and fax referrals and enrollments. 


  • Apply psychographics to market research to determine if we can more deeply affect behavior change through a values-based approach. 
  • Create campaigns with customized messaging and digital distribution channels to reach each audience group.
  • Drive engagement via social media and digital experiences to get smokers to enroll in the Quitline. 


  • Through paid and organic social media content, Bennet Group and its partner Rescue Agency, secured:
    • 20,490,367 impressions 
    • 1,840,720 exploratory engagement (Video/GIF Completions, Clicks, Reactions/Likes, Photo Views, Landing Page Web Sessions)
    • 5,926 active engagement (Shares/Retweets, Comments/Replies, New Page
    • Likes/Followers, Landing Page Web Conversions (Clicks to Enroll)) 
  • Total enrollments in the Quitline have increased compared to the same time last year, and overall web enrollments increased 15% year-over-year.