‘Iolani School

In addition to providing ongoing community and media relations assistance to the nationally-recognized ‘Iolani School, Bennet Group also helped the school successfully dedicate its newest building, the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership, and plan its 150th anniversary gala in October 2013. Bennet Group assisted the school in implementing a successful community relations strategy that garnered tremendous media coverage for two events: Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership Dedication and ‘Iolani School’s 150th Anniversary Gala.

Bennet Group played a key role in coordinating the planning and implementation of the dedication of the Sullivan Center for Innovation and Learning, a 40,000 square foot facility built to support the implementation of the new innovation department curriculum.

Bennet Group arranged a media “sneak peek” of the new building, inviting media from radio, television, print and online publications to come to the new building and meet Head of School Dr. Tim Cottrell and hear him speak about the structure, the curriculum and what it means for both ‘Iolani students and Hawai‘i. Media were then provided with a tour of the world-class facility and the opportunity to interview teachers and students.

Bennet Group secured earned media coverage in every outlet, TV news coverage that included a live broadcast of KITV 4’s morning show on the day of the Dedication, and a front page, multi-page feature in the Honolulu Star Advertiser. Bennet Group also secured national long-lead media coverage in the National Association of Independent Schools publication “Independent Schools,” and online coverage in Pacific Business News.

To mark the 150th anniversary of ‘Iolani School and celebrate the success of the school as well as the school’s exciting future, the school hosted a gala for over 1,000 guests, including alumni, local government leaders and community leaders. Bennet Group secured attendance by a photographer from Honolulu Pulse, Hawai‘i’s biggest nightlife and entertainment coverage website. Over 50 photos were posted on Honolulupulse.com, a site powered by the Honolulu Star Advertiser that receives over 200,000 unique visitors monthly.

As a result of Bennet Group’s public relations efforts, ‘Iolani School’s overall media coverage for the dedication of the Sullivan Center and the 150th Anniversary Gala was tremendous; ‘Iolani School received an equivalent of $705,503 in free media exposure, with a total readership/viewership circulation of 76,274,348. Additionally, public relations efforts had a direct impact on interest in working at ‘Iolani Schools, with 10 inquiries from would-be teachers the day after the dedication event alone.